The Cheapest Vacation Destinations for Couples


When you travel with friends, your spending expenses are separated and it is clear that each one pays their own way in everything. But, when you travel with your partner things work a little bit different. In many cases men will pay for everything and won’t let their female partner pay for anything. In other cases, partners will agree that half of the times the one will pay for both and the other half of the times the other will pay for both. In both occasions paying for two is not the easiest thing when you are a hard working person and couples always look for destinations that offer cheap and nice vacations.


1. Mombasa, Kenya


A meal for two here will cost a couple almost 61 dollars and you will only need 67 dollars for travel essentials.

2. Hoi An, Vietnam


A meal for two may come at 2 or 3 dollars more here, but drinks are pretty affordable with the most expensive being a glass of wine at 7 dollars.


3. Porec, Croatia


Here drinks are a lot cheaper, but you should better take a sunscreen from home, since it will cost you almost 11 dollars.

4. Paphos, Cyprus


For your travel essentials you will need approximately 58 dollars and a meal for two will cost you not more than 48 dollars.


5. Marmaris, Turkey


When a cup of coffee costs you 2 dollars and a bottle of water 0,60 dollars, this destinations seems like a good choice.

6. Costa del Sol, Spain


The cost of a meal for two will come at 57 dollars and you won’t need to spend more that 0.50 cents for a bottle of water.


7. Algarve, Portugal


Travel essential will cost you 61 dollars and a meal for two won’t surpass 40 dollars.

8. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria


Here, a simple meal for two will cost you 39 dollars, with coffee being at 1 dollar per cup and sunscreen at 3.30 dollars.

Your vacation can be cheap and also amazing. There are places that can give you a good time and a lot of things to see without requiring you to spend a bucketfull of money.


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