The Coolest Cabin Crew Uniforms in the Entire World

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Beauty and style are two elements that will help anybody win a job over the clouds. You have to prove that you are smart, nice, know how to speak to people and have a sense of style. If they see all these attributes in you, you will get hired and from that point on you will be one of the few around the world who wear an airplane uniform. Almost every big airline asks famous or at least recognizable fashion designers to design their uniforms so that they can keep up their status. If a uniform doesn’t have a famous name behind it, then you can as well buy it from just any shop.

1. Luly Yang, a high-end ballgown designer, is behind the new uniforms for Alaska Airlines.


What do you think?

2. Air France’s uniforms have been considered the most stylish in the world for quite some time now.


I can’t argue with that.

3. Hainan Airlines stay close to the traditional Chinese imagery, but with a modern twist.

Twitter | HainanAirlines

That’s probably the best ones so far.

4. Etihad Airways are an exquisite combination of 1960s Paris couture with runway looks from London.


How awesome is that?

5. Qantas Airlines asked Martin Grant to design their uniforms and Miranda Kerr has been asked to model them.


How classy is that?

6. Singapore Airlines have used the same uniform since 1968, being the ”longest serving uniform” in the skies.


No wonder why!

7. Simon Jersey designed Emirates’ uniforms in 1997 and made only a few modifications in 2008.


This one really looks great.

8. Air India stays loyal to their traditional clothing, with women having options between saris, kurtas or formal long-sleeved black ensembles.


Like it happens with any job in the world, being up in the sky also requires a certain dress code that is formal and tasteful. More or less every airlines does their best to dress their staff in the most elegant and stylish way.


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