The Coolest Sunglasses That Will Make You Feel Like a Rockstar This Summer

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I had an alternative title for this article, which would read ”The Sunglasses That Dua Lipa Introduced to the World”, but I thought that it was way too specific, although Dua has made some terrific and super stylish sunglasses choices that are going to be chosen by many other women as well. Aside from that, I feel like this year is going to be quite different in the sunglasses area. Usually, each year, there are 2 or 3 different designs that we see everywhere and share the monopoly. This year, there are more designs that already received a great promotion and are going to be worn by many women as the weather becomes hotter. Either you like to buy the authentic brand or a cheap knock-off (which I don’t judge at all), you should know which designs will be a huge hit.

1. CRAP Eyewear

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Not everyone likes huge sunglasses that cover the entire area of the eyes, including the eyebrows. Some women prefer the more delicate designs that hug just the area of the eyes.

2. Covry

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Covry sunglasses vary in shapes and colors. In this brand you can buy the classic all-black frames as well as trendy hues that would be perfect for the festival season.

3. Izipizi


In this brand you can pretty much ‘make’ your own sunglasses. You can choose your favorite color, frame and pattern and you won’t have to pay more than $100.

4. Christian Dior


Once again, Dua Lipa has made the way for more women to wear these spectacular Christian Dior sunglasses that come in various colors, with this yellow being the absolute winner.

5. Perverse Sunglasses

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The design of these glasses shows how important is the protection of our peripheral vision and how most of eyewear brand forget that we have to protect it the same way as the rest of our eyes.

6. The Nirvana/Kurt Cobain Type

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You can find these sunglasses in the original black/white color or a variety of other hues and you won’t have to spend a bucketload of money to own them. You can easily find them at ASOS and other famous stores.

7. Krewe


Krewe sunglasses are a bit more expensive than everything on this list, but if you your wallet can handle it you should know that many celebrities, including Gigi Hadid and Beyonce, have work this brand.

8. Sonix


These sunglasses will only be chosen by those who are not afraid to be noticed and make a splash with their appearance. They are quite affordable and come in various colors.

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to look cool and fashionable when wearing their sunglasses. New or used, sunglasses can elevate your look and make your face shine. I’ve always believed that you should never make a choice based on what’s fashionable, but based on what you really like. So, make sure that you really like the pair that you will give your money for.


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