The Different Meals Kids Eat for Breakfast Around the World


Everyone agrees that it’s important for kids to eat healthy during all meals of the day. Each country has its own interpretation of healthy, but the goal is one: to feed the kids with the most nutritious of their foods. Unfortunately, nowadays parents don’t take care of their children’s nutricion as carefully as they did in the past and many of them buy them store bought products to eat for breakfast or give them money to buy anything they want. This is a sad reality that only the future generation of parents can change and bring back the old traditions.


1. Turkey


A Turkish breakfast is very rich. It can contain beans, toasted bread with clotted cream and honey, fried eggs with salami, goat cheese, olives and a variety of jams.

2. France


Fruits are the first option for kids in France. Kiwis, grapes, orange juice, pastries and baguette with jam consist of a usual breakfast.


3. Japan


A soybean meal called nato, miso soup, white rice, kabocha squash, egg omelet and pickled eggs consist a traditional Japanese breakfast.

4. Iceland


The main dish for kids for breakfast is an oatmeal porridge, some milk and a glass of orange juice. It can’t get more simple and healthy than that.


5. The Netherlands


Kids in the Netherlands drink a glass of milk and eat slices of break topped with various sweet toppings, with the most popular being the chocolate sprinkles.

6. Brazil

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Bread and butter here is one of the first choices along with some ham and cheese. The kids can drink chocolate milk or coffee, which is a cultural tradition for many parents.


7. Greece


Cereal and milk is the top choice among kids in Greece, but they can also eat a toast with cheese and turkey, boiled eggs, fruit, bread with jam or honey and drink milk or orange juice.

8. Malawi


In Malawi cornmeal porridge is the most popular choice among kids. Deep-fried fritters made of cornmeal, onions, garlic and chiles with sweet potato and pumpkin and a red juice made from dried hibiscus flowers and sugar are the other two choices that consist of their meal.

Every country has its own traditions and its important to keep them. It doesn’t matter how different the foods that kids consume around the world, but for them to stay healthy in order to build a strong organism.


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