The Different Ways Fast Food Is Treated Around the World


The United States of America are home to most of the fast food chains that are known in the world. But, is the fast food Americans eat the same with the food we eat in our countries? In many cases the answer is ‘yes’, but in many other cases the answer is a clear ‘no’. Based on a country’s unique taste the recipes get altered so that they meat its people’s standards.


1. KFC in Japan


3.6 million Japanese eat KFC chicken on Christmas Day. Most of them make an order weeks in advance and those who don’t, they have to wait hours in line in order to buy their meal.

2. Eating with style


This stylish and modern McDonald’s was recently opened in Rotterdam, Holland, proving that some people like to keep it classy even when the food is prepared fast.


3. Australia’s Hungry Jack’s


When Burger King teamed with a man named Jack Cowin in 1971 to launch their brand in Australia they didn’t imagine that a shop with the same name would pop up before they could seal the deal. Since, the name ‘Burger King’ had not been trademarked yet, they had to name the place ‘Hungry Jack’s’.

4. Dunkin Donut’s signature items


The chocolate glazed donut is not the signature item of the brand everywhere in the world. Based on the taste of every country, different flavors are being used.


5. Pizza Hut’s topping


Not everyone eats they pizza one certain way. In Germany, for example, you can top your pizza with mac ‘n’ cheese.

6. Rainbow bagels


Although the recipe is said to come from the US, rainbow bagels can only be found in the Australian Starbucks.


7. McNuggets in the UK


Americans eat extremely big amounts of salt compared to the British and Europeans. In America 1.6 grams of salt can be found per 100 grams of nuggets, when in Britain only 0.6 grams of salt are contained per 100 grams.

8. The Japanese pumpkin burger


Fast food doesn’t need to be all the same everywhere in the world. Just like people are different in every country, food can vary based on people’s taste and needs. Not every loves sugar and salt like Americans.


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