The Disturbing Story of the Triplets That Got Separated as Part of a Social Experiment

The one that got away

Unfortunately, Eddy committed suicide in 1994 at the age of 33 after suffering from depression.


The Sundance Festival documentary

The Identical Strangers is a documentary that was awarded in last year’s Sundance Festival with the special jury award and both remaining triplets were present at the premiere.


Dr. Neubauer’s work

The doctor that had separated the triplets back in 1961 was responsible for many other twin separations, since he wanted to explore the theory of ‘nature vs nurture’.


Feeling the loss

David’s adoptive mother shared that since David began talking he was saying that ”he has a brother”, which proves that triplets and twins has a unique intuition and feeling of bond.


The doctor that separated them at birth stated that he felt like he was doing the right thing until the moment he died in 2008. The two remaining brothers say that they were ‘victims’ and not willing ‘participants’.

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