The Dramatic Scenery of Sapa in Vietnam


Sapa is a small town in Vietnam, not as developed as other Vietnamese cities. It is basically known for its rice crops, which are one of the main income sources of the city. The economy has always been on low levels, but in the past few years there have been many efforts from the government and non-government organizations to improve the fate of the people living in Sapa. Besides that, Sapa is a wonderful place, with endless greenery and weather that makes you feel like you are inside a rainforest.


Spa was launched as a hill station by the French in 1922 and today is the tourism centre of the northwest.


And you shouldn’t be surprised.

The town overlooks a plunging valley, with mountains towering above on all sides and magnificent views from every possible location.


The scenery is just unbelievable.


Sapa is not the little quiet town that used to be back in the day. 


Now, it is a fully grown city with lots of tourists.

The place that everyone is anxious to visit is the rice terraces, from which you have the most breathtaking view.


Just… wow…


There is a variety of Vietnamese restaurants, an International food restaurant and a few cafes.


What more can you ask for?

Trekking in Sapa is the most popular activity and you should probably not miss the experience.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


You can book a biking 3-day trip from Hanoi to Sapa with accomodation in the package.


A pretty sweet deal, don’t you think?

One activity you should not miss, is visit the local markets and get to know the local people and their produce.


Sapa is not the quiet little town, where no one seemed to pay attention to anymore. It has evolved into a highly visited city that manages to offer its tourists some of their best experiences of their lives. I would say that Sapa is one of the most cathartic and invigorating places I have even seen.


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