The Eerie Ghost Towns of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast, which is located in the northern part of the Altantic Ocean, will be remembered in history as the ”The Land God Made in Anger” and ”The Gates of Hell”. The name was given to the place in 1944 from a book that John Henry Marsh wrote and referred to the shipwreck of Dunedin Star. The climate of the coast is inhospitable with dense fogs nearly all year long, strong winds on land and in the sea, but very little rainfall. Back in time, when there weren’t engine-powered ships and boats it was impossible to leave the coast from the shore and people had to walk miles in the desert until they found the one place that was safe to leave.


Skeleton Bay is known as a great surfing location.


It has the perfect waves and winds to perform the sport.

The last is relatively soft with a few rock formations and in some areas large and very tall sand dunes.


You can see that in the image above.


The novel Skeleton Coast was referring to the true story of the 1942 shipwreck of Dunedin Star.


There, 106 passengers and crew members were saved. 

The coast has been the subject of many wildlife documentaries.


Most of those documentaries are mainly about adapting to these extreme levels of aridity. 


At the beginning of the 20th century, findings of minerals and diamonds made the coast the center of the Namibian economy.

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These findings played a major role in the country’s financial development.

The Germans took over the coast and built a small town.


Hundreds of German settlers stayed there, despite the inhospitable environment.


The dream stopped in 1954.


At that point, the diamond business was abandoned, since the amount of sand was making life unbearable.

The town produced 11.7% of the world’s diamond production and the residents had opera singers in their houses singing just for them, while drinking champagne.


This is another one of the many examples of unhospitable land that people did not leave out of their reach once they realized it was profitable, but abandoned it once it didn’t have anything else to offer.


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