The Gruesome Story Behind Massacre Cave in Scotland



Eigg is one of the largest small isles in the Scottish Inner Hebrides and while it is a magnificent place, it once hosted one of the worst massacres in the history of Scotland. Even though five centuries have passed since that unforgettable day of the massacre, no one can forget the horrifying incident that shook Scotland and the whole world. The story behind the massacre is very interesting, so keep reading!

Back in 1577, the island of Eigg was inhabited by the MacDonald clan, which numbered to hundreds of people.


When the MacLeod clad visited the island, they started bothering the local women way too much, which was a sign of disrespect for the local men.


When the MacDonalds tried to send the MacLeods away, more of the latter arrived at the island and all together tried to run down the locals.


The MacDonalds saw the new MacLeods arriving and they decided to hide in a cave.


For 3-5 days the MacLeods could not find the MacDonalds since the entrance of the cave was very small and was covered by undergrowth and a small waterfall.


Just as the MacLeods were leaving the island, they saw someone exiting the cave and they followed the footprints and found the entrance of the cave.


The MacLeods re-directed the water, piled thatch and roof timbers at the cave entrance and set fire to it.


The 395 people of the island, who hid inside the cave were asphyxiated. Only an old woman managed to survive, since she had not been inside the cave.


Over the centuries many human remains have been found inside the cave, although many of them were taken and buried elsewhere. Even in recent years there have been remains that were uncovered due to soil disturbances.

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