The Hottest Hair Colors for Summer


Summer is the time of the year, when everyone is upping their game on every aspect of their lives. We take special care of our hair, our clothes, our bodies (who doesn’t start a diet a couple months before the summer?) and our face. Since summer is a lot more revealing than any other time of the year, we have to be ready to show more skin, which makes us nervous for the way the world is going to view us. If hair is your main worry, hopefully this article will help you a little bit.


1. A Soft Bronde Balayage is the perfect choice for someone who wants to stay close to her natural look.

Instagram | riawna

2. Ash blonde hair with rainbow highlights is a look only for the ones who can’t decide on what bright color to choose from.

Instagram | djvictorystyle

3. Blue is the color of summer. The sea, the sky, everything has the shades of blue. Why not take that color onto your hair as well?

Instagram | ms_robinita

4. Iridescent grey/purple manes are all over instagram for their magical appeal to the eye. The question is, would you do it in real life?

Instagram | guy_tang

5. Blonde with dark roots is now in fashion and screams summer, since it looks a little abandoned…like we all leave our hair in summertime.

Instagram | romeufelipe

6. This summer try to focus on your frames and give them more light than the rest of your hair.

Instagram | johnnyramirez1

7. Ice blue is the most badass shade of blue and you could own in if you pair it with some other shades of denim.

Instagram | fernthebarber

8. A vibrant red is the boldest move you can make for the summer. All eyes are definitely gonna be on you.

Instagram | kccarhart

As you can see, we cover the needs and wants of everyone. We got some ordinary and not edgy hair colors and we also have a few crazy hair colors only for the ones who dare.


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