The Incredible Powers Of Rose Water!

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Rose petal plus water equals a magnificent product that has powerful uses; many of which you didn’t even know! Well, in general, rose water is ideal for hydration and really helps maintain the skin’s pH. It has a romantic essence that dates centuries back. The most important thing is that even after all these years, dermatologists themselves claim the incredible power of this water.


1. It helps calm your skin.

Dermatologists say that rose water’s anti-inflammatory abilities and anti-oxidant effects, can become your ally in fighting acne.

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2. Use it as a mouthwash alternative.

It has antimicrobial abilities which results in cleansing your mouth.

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3. In your kitchen.

You can cool with rose water, too! It is quite common in Middle Eastern food.

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4. Face masks.

We previously talked about rose water’s powerful abilities into skincare. It’s elixir’s healing power helps you fight irritated skin. Don’t forget that is advisable for acne, too!

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5. Add it to your hair.

Mix a few drops of rose water with your normal shampoo or conditioner. It will help hydrate your hair immediately.

Image by | Rαħul

6. Can be used to create fragrances.

Roses are very fragrant,  which makes rose water the perfect ingredient for a fragrance base. When mixed with other ingredients it creates the perfect perfume.

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7. Make up remover.

In order to have the ultimate cleanser, add a few drops of coconut oil into your rose water. It removes makeup perfectly and also helps keep your skin hydrated.

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8. No more stress.

Spray some rose water on your pillow and sleep peacefully.

Image by | Ann Middle

After reading all these, you really need to use rose water more in your life.


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