The Lakes of Badain Jaran Desert That Cause Great Mystery


One of the main things that schools taught us about deserts is that no water can exist due to the extreme heat. We’ve all heard stories of people being lost in the desert and walking for hours and even days without water to the point that they hallucinate and imagine huge water pools in the middle of nowhere. If you ever visit Badain Jaran Desert in China, you will realize that water pools or to be more accurate, lakes, are not a fictitious image of your imagination, but a real occurence.


The Badain Jaran Desert covers an area of 49,000 square feet occupying parts of China and Mongolia.


Pretty big, right?

The desert is known for having the tallest stationary dunes on earth and also its 140 permanent lakes.


How did that happen?


The lakes appear in between dunes and it’s believed that underground water springs are the reason for their appearance.


Well, that makes sense.

The water underground is coming from snowmelt from the mountains that are located miles away from the desert.


These waters do a pretty big journey.


The springs carry fresh water, but the lakes are saline due to the high rate of evaporation.


It’s almost as if the desert has tiny seas all over!

Some of the lakes change color due to the presence of algae, minerals and also salt crust due to the hyper-evaporation.

YouTube | Udayavani Channel

They definitely look unique.


This is a satellite image of the lakes of the desert.


And these are the different shapes that they form themselves based on the dunes.

Nowadays, many lakes have shrunk or disappeared due to reduction of groundwater as a result of overpopulation and irrigation.


Even the greatest natural acomplishment that can be found on our planet is not safe. Everything is in great danger and we humans are to blame. Everything we do and the more insensitive we are towards nature the faster our natural landscapes will start disappearing.


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