The Largest Lion Sculpture Was Completed After 3 Years of Hard Work

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How much time do you think carving a large lion would take an artist to complete? My guess would be a few months up to a year, but in this case, and due to the extremely big size of the sculpture, it actually took 20 people working non-stop for three years to finish this work of art. Dengding Rui Yao was the leader of the team, choosing one single redwood trunk to carve the entire piece. The sculpture was completed in December 2015 and it was taken from Myanmar to China. It has been certified by the Guiness Book of World Records as the biggest sculpture made of redwood.

The edges of the lion have been given a smooth finish

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The torso has not been flattened out

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The origin of the tree trunk is unknown, but we hope that it was an old one

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The lion is an animal of great importance in the Chinese culture

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