The Least Visited Countries In the World Per Year


Some countries are known for their truly magical and of historyical value landscapes and that’s why millions of people visit them annually. Many people like to get to know unknown cultures and see things that are worth making a trip and paying for. But, there are some countries in our beautiful world that don’t get that much attention. I will say from now that I haven’t included countries that are suffering from wars and they have naturally fallen off travel lists. We will see countries that have stayed off our radars and continue to fly on a low altitude when it comes to attracting tourists.


1. Nauru, 200 tourists


Nauru is a 21-square-kilometer island in the Pacific, with only 10,000 locals. One airline serves the island and you need a Visa to enter it. Although, you need to visit it due to its magnificent beaches and coral reefs.

2. Tuvalu, 1,200 tourists


Tuvalu is in great danger of disappearing due to the increasing rising water. There is only one airline flying to the island, which means that it needs a serious tourism upgrade.


3. Kiribati, 4,700 tourists


Kiribati is also served by only one airline, but if you ever decide to visit it you will be mindblown by all the amazing sea-related activities that you can do.

4. Marshall Islands, 5,000 tourists


Getting at Marshall Islands will probably cost you your entire life savings, since the airplane tickets are very high and the accomodation is extremely expensive as well.


5. Montserrat, 7,000 tourists


This beautiful Caribbean island has been struck by a hurricane and a volcanic eruption in the past, which left it in shambles. Although it used to be very popular among the British tourists in the past, after its catastrophes it has been forgotten.

6. Turkmenistan, 7,000 tourists


This country is reputated as one of the craziest countries in the world. Most people visit it just to see The Door to Hell, where you will need to spend your night near the flames.


7. Sao Tome & Principe, 8,000 tourists


If you want to live a horror travel story, then do visit Sao Tome. If you do visit it, make sure that you try the street food and take plenty of pictures. The airport is so close that you can walk to it.

8. Comoros, 15,000 tourists


Comoros have the reputation of having mosquitos that can give you malaria. It is a scary thought that probably scares most tourists. Although, it is a beautiful island, with great food and nice people.

Sometimes the places that are less visited are the ones that we should make huge efforts to visit. It is not about lacking beauty, but about not being marketed accordingly.


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