The Magic Moment Whe You Find Your Doppelganger Hanging On a Museum’s Wall


It is widely believed that all people have a twin somewhere on this planet and they just don’t know it yet. It is also believed that there was someone in the past that looked exactly like us, which means that our genes are not exctly unique, but keep repeating as time goes by. How weird must that be, especially for those people who visited a museum to admire the art and ended up finding their doppelgangers?

1. A doppelganger is referred to a look-alike or a double of a living person and is usually seen as a paranormal phenomenon.


2. The word ‘paranormal’ is often used for situations and things that humans cannot explain with their common sense.


3. The book The Night-Side of Nature (1848) by Catherine Crowe helped make the word ‘doppelganger’ known to the public.

Twitter | Ross W. Duffin

4. The concept of a doppelganger has appeared in the folklore, myths, religious concepts and other stories.


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