The Meaning Behind Prison Tattoos


We don’t need to mention how dangerous people in prison are and can get, due to the isolation from the real world. Prison has its own language and code of honour; if a newcomer is not aware and respectful of them, he (or she) could face some pretty severe consequences. Guards are also in a tough position, since if they don’t stay in a safe distance from the criminals, they might be savagely attacked. But, what do some of the most usual and popular prison tattoos mean?


1. 1488


14 is a number that white supremacists follow as sacred and 88 is the equivalent of HH, which means ‘Heil Hitler’.

2. Cobweb


Cobwebs usually mean that someone will stay in prison for the rest of their life. It says that they have been trapped in a cobweb (prison) and can’t get out.


3. Teardrop


The teardrop usually means that this person has killed someone or attempted to kill. It can also mean that the prisoner has a very long sentence.

4. Three dots


Three dots around the eyes can means that a prisoner belongs in the Mexican team or that they have a devotion to the Holy Trinity.


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