The Most Common Beauty Mistakes That Many of You Make


The world of beauty is a very thrilling place, where many women like to find themselves in as deep as possible. All these new techniques and the countless tips that people give on YouTube are making it very hard for women to master the art of wearing makeup. They have to experiment a lot until they have found out which technique and which advice works best genarally and on themselves. But, in order to save you some time and a lot of trying, we are here to inform you on the most common and silly mistakes that women have made and still make while putting on their makeup.

1. Not blending past the jawline

YouTube | janeen shunia

Having a mask that tells your face area apart from the the rest of your body is definitely not your goal, which means that you should start blending your foundation past the jawline.

2. Over-contouring your face


The amount of contouring is not the point in your makeup routine. It’a not about quantiny, but quality. If you put a small amount and blend it nicely, the result will be awesome.

3. Over-lining your lips

YouTube | Leyla Rose

Over-lining your lips with a pencil that is is a much darker tone won’t make your lips bigger, but a lot uglier.

4. Painting your eyebrows too dark

YouTube | Makeup Tips

When your makeup reaches the level where it looks fake, then you’ve ruined your time and your kits. Big brows may be in fashion now, but who told you that super dark brows are beautiful?

5. Not blending your eyeshadow


Like everything you put on your face, your eyeshadow needs blending as well so that it doesn’t look strange on you.

6. Applying your highlighter on the wrong place

Twitter | marxayy

Bringing your highlighter too far down from your cheekbone is a rookie mistake that you should stop making right now if you want your makeup to look professional.

7. Not trimming false eyelashes before wearing them


False eyelashes are not one-size. They have to be modified so that they fit your eyes, which means that trimming them before wearing them is a must move.

8. Choosing the wrong tone for foundation


If you want to master the makeup game, you should first learn all the possible mistakes that you can make and ruin your face. After learning those, you can move on to learn all the right techniques and how to practice them the best way possible.


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