The Most Famed Shipwrecks Around the World That Are Worth a Visit


You must have heard many people referring to the sea as the biggest graveyard in the entire world. The water is so immense in size and depth that it can hide under its vails all kinds of catastrophes. Only God knows how many people have been buried inside the ocean. But sometimes, when bad things happen in the sea and people get lost or killed and their ships are left unattended, they are bound to find their way back to the shore. In many cases, governments decide to leave these ships where they landed and make these places a tourist and historic attraction. Here are some of the most famed shipwrecks around the world that you should definitely visit if near.


1. The Mega One Triton on Grand Turk Island in Turks and Caicos


This shipwreck first appeared in 2012 during Hurricane Sandy, but it is estimated that more than 1,000 shipwrecks can be found on the shores of Turks and Caicos.

2. The SS Maheno on Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia


The SS Maheno was used as a hospital during WWII and it was destroyed during its last trip by a cyclone.


3. The Cabo Santa Maria on the shore of Boa Vista, Cape Verde


The ship was sent by Spanish dictator Fransisco Franco in 1968 to South America to offer gifts to his supporters, but was wrecked on the shore of Boa Vista.

4. Unknown shipwreck in Vila Nova de Milfontes in Portugal

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This seaside village is famous for its wonderful sandy beaches and this unknown tugboat shipwreck.


5. MV Panagiotis Shipwreck in Zakynthos, Greece

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Tourists and locals know this place as Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach). Many theories say that the ship was wrecked after authorities tried to catch it for smuggling cigarettes, alcohol and possibly humans.

6. The MV Plassey on the shore of Inisheer at Aran Islands in Ireland


A rough storm is to blame for wrecking this ship, which was used to transport cargo, including stained glass, yarn and whiskey.


7. The SS American Star on Playa de Garcey in Fuertaventura at Canary Islands

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The famous ship was first used as a passenger ship, but during WWII it was used to carry US troopers. After the war it ended up in Thailand, where they wanted to turn it into a floating hotel. During its trip to its new home, it fell onto a thunderstorm, which wrecked it.

8. Agios Dimitrios in Gythio of Peloponnese in Greece


This ship was smuggling cigarettes between Turkey and Italy and it was set on fire in order to hide the evidence. Finally, it was washed off at the coast of Gythio.

Shipwrecks create the kind of mystery that only a few places around the world do. They are a truly incredible spectacle and if you ever have to opportunity to see one, be sure to not miss it.


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