The Most Gorgeous and Impressive Villages in the World


If you ask people who like to travel quite often, only a few will tell you that hidden places and small villages are on their radar. Most travelers concentrate on large or slightly smaller cities that can offer them a large number of landscapes, a variety in accomodation choices and a satisfactory nightlife with many restaurants to choose from. That’s quite understandable for people who haven’t traveled to many countries, since everyone starts from the basic stuff. To those of you who prefer the more unconventional travel destinations, we have gathered a collection of the 8 most beautiful and unique villages around the world that you should definitely research about.


1. Rothenburg, Germany


This is a very well preserved medieval old town, which is a popular destination for tourists from all around the world. The main landscapes include a large number of old buildings and various museums.

2. Mountain Villages, China

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There are quite a few mountain villages in China that have magnificent views and rough beauty. You just pick the one that looks better in your eyes.


3. Bibury, Gloucestershire, UK


If you like old, traditional houses, pure natural scenery and tea houses, then this is your place to visit for the next time you are in England.

4. Migdal, Greenland

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Not much is known about you can do in this small fishing village in Greenland, but we guess that there won’t be that much of a nightlife or landscapes to see apart from the magnificent natural scenery.


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