The Most Hilarious Memes Regarding Trump’s Meeting with Kim Jong-un

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U.S President Donald Trump’s meeting with North Korea’s Dictator Kim Jong-un was portrayed as a huge diplomatic success for the first, but it was perceived in a completely different way by the people watching. Not only people didn’t buy that there wouldn’t be any solution regarding North Korea’s stance against nuclear weapons, but they also couldn’t resist making fun at the two men and their bad hair similarities. Let’s see some of the most hilarious memes that people posted online and caused uncontrollable laughter.

Who wore it better?

Twitter | ohchrissavidge

An innocent woman paid the price. What a surprise!


You never know with these people.

Twitter | Dispropoganda

Hey, I am way closer to you than this nuclear addict.

Twitter | crudereporter

So, that’s what he wanted all this time.


Yeah, ’cause every war act starts with the use of iTunes.

Twitter | Psythor

It’s that simple.


The boys are ready to mingle.

Twitter | ajaxfreake

Well, this is how evil guys look nowadays.

Twitter | McJesse

A match made in heaven, clearly.


…and I can destroy your world.


Makes sense!

Instagram | nickveeceo

We might not know what the conversations between the two men entailed, but what we do know is how unusual they look next to each other and how un-diplomatic their meeting was.


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