The most hilarious snapchat animals!

Nowadays, Snapchat is probably the most popular social media among the young crowd and to be fair, there are actually quite a few valid reasons for its popularity. It’s fun, quick and ever changing. But the most important part is the filters!

There are litterally countless of them and new ones are being added every single day! Some of them can be used to make you prettier, while others are plainly hilarious. So yeah, we definately have to admit that Snapchat is good in many things and the best part is that people come up with new uses of it every single day.

For example, some people thought that it would be a cool idea to use Snapchat’s filter’s with their friends. The results, as you’ll see in the pictures below, range from hilarious and absolutely adorable to sometimes quite creepy and disturbing. Enjoy!

1. This friendly dog is absolutely adorable!

Image by boredpanda

2. And what do you think about this silly catdog?

Image by whiskeyriff

3. Okay, that’s the cutest thing EVER!

Image by youtube

3. Hamster+Dog= Cutness Overload!!

Image by boredpanda

4. Okay, this cat looks a bit scary!

Image by whiskeyriff

5. This hamster looks quite… humanlike!

Image by popsugar

6. This is the most fabulous cat EVER!

Image by thechive

7. Unlike this dog which definately looks disturbing!

Image by yekfun

8. Or this cat. Weird!!

Image by boredpanda

9. This dog seems to know how to have a good time!

Image by boredpanda

10. We saved the best for last: Majestic Super Saiyan dog!!

Image by whiskeyriff

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