The Most Instagrammed Places in Los Angeles


The holiday season is ahead of you and you are thinking of what your destination will be. You sit dow with your friend(s) and choose Los Angeles as your dreamy trip. Your next steps in to book your flight, make a hotel reservation and a few days before the trip to make your plan for each day of your trip. Google is your best friend and you might open a travel book, but let’s not forget to mention the invisible friend of yours: instagram. You may not realise how important of a role it plays, but all these times you saw someone posting a picture from the city, you wondered ‘Wow, where that incredible place may be?’ and now it is your opportunity to not only find out, but also visit it from up close.

1. Toy District in downtown L.A is a place where dozens of wall murals have been created under the guidance of Stephen Ziegler.


Isn’t it really hip?

2. Who wouldn’t want to visit the museum of ice-cream, where you can see life-sized popsicles?


Um, I do!

3. Del Cerro Park is one of the best kept secrets of L.A and it won’t cost you a thing to get there.


It looks so beautiful!

4. Chateau and Bar Marmont are iconic due to the amount of celebrities that have visited it throughout history.


I don’t blame them.

5. The TLC Chinese Theatre is another historic place, with incredible design and architecture that you should put on your list.


LA is so multicultural!

6. The Piece Collective has an amazing collection of clothing and interior design along with a cool and stylish exterior.


What else can someone ask for?

7. Paul Smith’s pink wall on melrose avenue has turned into an instagram sensation for quite some time now.

Pinterest | Silvia Cruzado

This must be the most popular spot.

8. I can even count how many music videos have been shot in the Los Angeles River.


Los Angeles seems like the coolest town on earth due to all the celebrities that live there, but they are not the only spectacles of the city. There are so many beautiful places on the exterior and interiors of the town, so make sure that you don’t miss the most basic of them.


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