The Most Majestic City Parks Around Europe


If you’ve traveled to Europe a lot, you must have noticed that almost every country has multiple parks even at the most central locations. People realize that in order for a large and noisy city to be more relaxing, it has to offer several green areas, where citizens could go to blow some steam off before heading back to their hectic lives. Countries like Spain, Germany, Netherlands and England have to offer a lot when it comes to large parks that are full of trees, colorful flowers and water in various forms. These parks have become important landscapes on their own and tourists plan their visit to them when traveling to these countries.


8. Arboretum Trompenburg in Rotterdam, Netherlands

This botanical garden in Rotterdam has various woody and herbaceous plants. It has been open to the public since 1958 for just a small fee.


7. Tiergarten Park in Berlin, Germany

The most central park of Berlin, which is very popular throughout the year and especially during summertime, when it is full of activities.


6. Vondelpark in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The best way to walk this park is by bike. The paths with lead you to lakes, beautiful trees and art that best follows the natural surroundings.


5.Parc Guell in Barcelona, Spain

Just a few minutes with the subway from the centre of Barcelona, park Guell is full of Gaudi’s work and offers some of the best views of the city.


4. Villa Borghese in Rome, Italy

This park spans 80 hectacres and you will probably have to dedicate more than half your day in exploring it. It is like a cross section of a zoo with a botanical garden.


3. Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, France

This is one of the most romantic parks in the world, with chestnut groves and ornate terraces offering great walks. This is one of the most popular spaces in Paris for locals and tourists.


2. Hyde Park in London, England

Hyde Park spans over 350 acres and it combines monuments, green spaces, activities and local nature. It is an absolute ‘must’ for anyone visiting London.


1. El Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain

This is a space in Madrid to go and relax from the noisy life of the city. Beautiful gardens, flowers and animals are making life more pleasant and less stressful.


It is very important for every city to have at least one park or at least a few green spaces, where people could go for a few minutes and relax their bodies and minds.


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