The Most Questionable Celebrity Tattoos


Tattoos have become a huge trend in the past decade or so and celebrities could not stay away from this fashionable trend. Some of them have had small and tasteful inks and some others did not think about their designs too much before having them. They probably were in a hurry to join the club of the cool tattooed Hollywood guys and they forgot all about taste and good design. Some of them had already a few tattoos on their bodies before they decided to have this one piece or many pieces that ruined everything.

1. Justin Bieber’s torso


When Bieber had a few tattoos of his body, things were good. Although, when he decided to fill his entire torso, the result was simply too much.

2. Zayn Malik’s Star Wars tribute

Instagram | jonboytattoo

Zayn Malik’s tattoos are generally pretty, but this one just isn’t what we expected from him. Tbh, I low key like it.

3. Kevin Durant’s large Tupac design

Instagram | thompsonscribe

It’s okay to love Tupac (I mean, he’s a legend), but why have such a large scale tattoo?

4. David Beckham’s neck tattoo

Instagram | victoriabeckham

Not all tattoos need to hide a deep meaning under them, but this horse tattoo is not as pretty as David thinks.

5. Adam Levine’s entire back tattoo

Instagram | behatiprinsloo

This is not a bad ink. It is a well-crafted design, which you either like or dislike. I cast my vote on dislike.

6. Ed Sheeran’s lion chest tattoo


Ed Sheeran has a collection of not that pretty tattoos and this one is no exception.

7. Aaron Carter’s neck design

Instagram | muddymoney

Love and flames don’t do well together, but I guess this is a comment of Aaron’s to his family.

8. Liam Payne full hand tattoos


Every design on this arm is awful. From the skull to Cheryl’s eye in the mix and these palm roses, nothing works well with each other.

Just because they are famous and they have money, it doesn’t mean that they also have good taste. This should give you an idea of how carefully you should think of your design before you get a tattoo.


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