The Most Stylish Beds for Your Cat to Stay Warm in


Most people who have cats living with them inside their house, use a simple pillow in a basket as their pet’s bed. This is the easiest solution and your cat won’t complain. But, there are some people who want to offer their pet a luxurious living experience, with a home that even a human would be jealous of. I have no idea if these alternative cat beds make any difference for the pets, but they surely make a difference for humans and the interior of the house.



What’s more pleasant than a fruit tart for your sweet kitten to go take a nap in?



This little wooden house combines the two needs of any pet. They can spend time inside and outside whenever they want.



Maybe your little friend will need a little time to get used to that kinda scary bed, but they will soon see how comfortable it is and will be glued in it.



When the interior of your house is modern and minimalistic, you have no other choice but to create a bed on the same level for your kitten.



This little buddy seems like he wants to spend as much time next to his owner’s legs as possible.



If you were wondering what to do with your grandmother’s old TV, apart from selling it, you can turn it into a comfy bed for your cat.



No one will suspect that this is a bed for your cat, simply because it also works as a table for you to keep your magazines on.



Another double-usage bed that makes sure to keep your cat warm and safe and also keep your house stylish and modern.


Just because you have a cat in your interior, it doesn’t mean that you need to have chew toys hanging around and your cat’s pillow showing. There are so many smart ways to cover your cat’s bed and even turn it into a small house.


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