The Most Unbelievable and Horrible Things People Have Done While Flying

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Airports and airplanes are two of the few places where you expect your day to go as smoothly at possible. That’s mainly because the regulation is very strict and specific that there is not too much space for anyone to do just whatever they want. But, once again humans surprise us and give us good stories to talk about. Two of the main causes of problems occurrence while on the air is people’s fear of planes and being so far up the ground and also their being intoxicated. People do crazy stuff when they are drunk and scared and they don’t really understand how big of an impact their actions can have on other people’s lives and well-being. Let’s see all the crazy stuff that people have done in airports and while on an airplane.

1. Slapping a gate agent


In 2017, a woman who arrived at the gate of her flight to Paris 14 minutes after the gate had closed got so mad that the gate agent didn’t let her go through that she started slapping her.

2. Throwing coins in the engine for good luck

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A 76-year-old woman threw coins for good luck in the engine of the airplane she was flying in and when other passengers saw her, they alerted the crew members on board. The flight was rescheduled for the next day due to security precautions.

3. Throwing hot instant noodle soup on flight attendant’s face

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A woman was so mad that she and her boyfriend were seated differently at a flight that she decided to order hot instant noodles just to throw it at the flight attendant’s face.

4. Opening the door just before takeoff


A man decided to stand up and open the door of the plane just before taking off. When asked why he did it, he answered that ”the door is not important”. He was sent to jail for 10 days.

5. Sneaking in an empty airplane after stealing an airport cafe


A man was so drunk after losing his hotel manager job that he stole $50 worth of food from an airport cafe and entered an empty airplane. Nobody knows how he managed to cheat security.

6. Opening the emergency exit door just to see if the handle works


A man in 2015 was seated for the first time next to an emergency exit door and he wanted to test whether the handle actually worked or not and opened it just before the plane started moving.

7. Smearing feces all over the bathroom’s wall


A flight to Hong Kong made a stop to Alaska when a man smeared feces all over the bathroom walls and shoved his shirt inside the toilet.

8. Falling asleep at the luggage carousel


As it seems this incident has happened more than once, with people having fallen asleep on the luggage carousel. One of them even passed the X-ray machine and was discovered drunk by airport security.

We can all understand how stressful and tiring flights can be, but if everyone acts normally everything will go as planned and no security will have to interfere.


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