The Most Unusually-Themed Restaurants in the World


Food and coffee are two business sectors that have been evolved to the the point that every two or three corners you can find at least one coffee place and a restaurant or fast food place or a diner. These kinds of businesses have become so common, that everyone is trying to find a new and maybe unusual way to design their business in order to increase the competition and its customers. Nobody wants their shop to be half-empty and from the moment their open they have to face the cruel antagonism of their fellow businesses.


1. Heart Attack Grill in L.A serves the biggest and greasiest burgers you will ever see. 


That’s why servers are dressed in nursing outfits.

2. Tommy Gun’s Garage in Chicago has an interactive show, while customers are enjoying their meal.

Pinterest | Janet Parker

That’s definitely something unique.


3. Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar in San Francisco offers a unique experience with a lagoon-like interior and simulated thunderstorms.

Pinterest | Jaki Ledger

That looks amazing!

4. Barbie Cafe in Taiwan is a pink paradise for those who want to feel what it feels like to live inside the famous doll’s house.


I wonder what they have on the menu.


5. Cabbages and Condoms in Thailand started as a food stand and now evolved into a restaurant devoted to safe sex.


This is probably the first time I heard of something like that.

6. Alcatraz E.R is guaranteed to make you feel like you are in jail.


I don’t know why someone would like that.


7. Modern Toilet is the name of this restaurant in Philippines. 


Here, you will sit on toilet seats and eat deserts that look like poop served inside toilets. 

8. Buns & Guns in Beirut is a place where you cannot eat your food in peace, since you are afraid that a bomb might fall on your head any moment.


I love seeing restaurants and cafes that do not follow the same line of design with everyone else, even if that means that the label ‘weird’ will be stuck on them. Like they say, life is too short to live it in a conventional way. We need salt and pepper to make it more tasty.


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