The Most Upsetting Places You Can Stay in Scotland


Scotland, just like England and the entire United Kingdom, has a long royal history, which has left her with more castles and mansions than she knows what to do with. This is why many of these castles and mansions have been turned into luxurious hotels for foreigners. They do not only offer accomodation, but also a trip back in time and a lot of knowledge about the past. Some people get amazed by their exterior and interior decoration, which in most times has stayed the same in time, and some others feel a frozen breeze everytime they walk down the large hallway on the second floor.


1. The Drovers Inn in Inverarnan


It is said to be haunted by a girl who died of smallpox and she uses room 6 as a resting place.

2. Cathedral House Hotel in Glasgow 


It was used as a female prison and you can hear baby steps and chairs moving on their own on a regular basis.


3. Airth Castle in Stirlingshire


It is haunted by a bunch of people, including a nanny and the children who died in a fire, so there is nowhere you can go that they won’t find you.

4. The Red Room in Craigston Castle in Aberdeenshire


It is said to be haunted by demonic children, with visitors often claiming to have seen someone up the stairs. 


5. Ledard Farm in Aberfoyle 


It has been verified by paranormal investigators that it is occupied by ghosts, since you can hear sighs and feel vibrations out of the blue.

6. The Salutation Hotel in Perth 


It is still home to the ghost of Prince Charlie, who appears in front of guests or tells them to ”Leave” or ”Sleep” and swears at investigators.


7. Balcardine Castle in Oban 


It is a hotel where many guests have complained that while sleeping they felt like someone was sitting one them. Creepy isn’t it?

8. Traquair House in Innerleithen 

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It was built in 1107, so you can imagine how many people have lived in it and have potentially haunted it.

Believing or not these events happened, I believe that they can’t all be lies and exaggerations. Yes, people are often exaggerating about things they see and hear, but these allegations are way too many to be all false. I guess nobody will fully believe them until they experience them themselves.


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