The New Plastic Surgery Trend: Really Small Lips


Last time I heard, one of the most desirable feautures in a woman’s face would be full, plump lips. However, the trends seems to have changed recently. In Japan, hundrends of women go to their plastic surgeons and ask them to make their lips thinner. But to be fair, Japan has always been an entirely different world when it came to beauty standards and trends. Just because something is fashionable in the Western world it doesn’t mean that it can be desirable in Japan too.

The weird thing is that now the trend has expanded to the Western world.

The whole procedure seems to be quite painful, don’t you think?

Women are not the only ones who undergo this kind of surgery. Men do it too.

The results are quite noticable. Sometimes they look nice.

I don’t really know how much it costs, but it must be quite pricey.

It’s so weird, since there are countless tutorials out there, on how to make your lips look bigger.


On the other hand, many Koreans try to achieve the opposite effect with makeup.

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I just can’t understand why someone would go through with this.

So, what do you think of this new trend? Would you ever decide on a procedure on your lips either it was about making them bigger or smaller?