The Obsessions and Habits of the Most Notorious Dictators


Some people will always be remembered as evil human beings who brought nothing but misery and terror to the human race and this is how they should be remembered. However, like each and every one of us, they had certain habits and obsessions that they couldn’t hide. Some of these were and are quite hard to conceive and understand and they prove that even monsters can love certain things and not hate everything.


1. Fidel Castro liked to breed super cows.

Castro loved ice cream and wanted Cuba to become a dairy producing superpower, but its climate wasn’t the best for milk production. This is why he decided to genetically create supercows, which were more successful than the naturally bred ones.


2. Gaddafi had a thing for Condoleezza Rice.

When Rice visited Gaddafi for a formal engagement, he gave her gifts of $212,000 worth. He had also spoke of his liking of her publicly.

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3. Kim Jong-un loves Swiss cheese

Kim disappeared back in 2014 for 6 weeks and apparently all he did was eating Swiss cheese. When he finally emerged, he weighed 300 pounds, had a broken ankle and suffered from gout.


4. Hitler loved westerns.

Hitler was obsessed with western novels to the point where he made his officers read these books to prepare for fighting the Russians.


5. Stalin had the maturity of a 15-year-old

Stalin would take nude pictures and draw penises on them, making rude remarks about the bodies and how they need underwear.


6. Mao Zedong was obsessed with caligraphy

Mao Zedong loved writing poems in caligraphy and he got to a point where he invented his own writing style. He even ordered his guards to destroy all other types of caligraphy, so that his own would be become the main one.


7. Saparmurat Niyazov was obsessed with himself.

This man created a 50-foot golden statue of himself that rotated to always face the sun. He named everything after himself and wrote a book on the history of Turkmenistan the way he thought it happened.


8. Idi Amin was obsessed with Scotland.

The Ugandan mass murderer was so obsessed with Scotland that offered to lead it in 1974 and even started a fund that took money from his people and gave it to the Scottish.


Dictators were all the same and created the chaos that they were given the power to create. The more power they had, the more havoc they caused, but everything ends some time and their end was never a good one.


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