The Ordinary Jobs That Nazis Had


It is common belief that evil usually comes from people of the lower economic layers and those who have not received a decent education. While that may be true in various occasions, it is not the only answer. Before the Nazis were formed with Adolf Hitler as their top leader, every one of the members, including Hitler himself, had normal jobs or at least tried to become something normal in life. No one had already been a murdered or torturer. This is something that they were taught to do after their joined the Nazi party.


1. Adolf Hitler was a failed art student and a vagrant

Adolf Hitler was a failure as a human being, which proves the common belief about the source of evil right. He had a traumatic childhood and he kept being rejected by the Art Academy of Vienna. He spent time living in shelters and cheap motels before going back to Germany and becoming a member of the military during WWI.


2. Hermann Goering was a war hero and a pilot

Goering was a war pilot during WWI and received much attention about his achievements. He also worked briefly as a commercial pilot for a Swedish airline. After being injured during Hitler’s failed attempt to take over Germany in the 1920s, he became addicted to morphine and finally got over his addiction after many visits to rehab.


3. Joseph Goebbels was a bank clerk and aspiring playwright

Goebbels had a PhD in German Philosophy, but never managed to publish the expressionist novel he wrote or the two plays he composed in 1923. He worked as a bank clerk to pay his bills until he joined the Nazi party, where his organizing and speaking abilities were finally recognized.


4. Heinrich Himmler was an unemployed student and agriculturalist

Himmler attended university to study agronomy, but his studies were cut short, since the German Depression made his parents unable to pay for them. He used to work in a manure-processing plant until his political career with the Nazis became a full-time job.


5. Hans Frank was an attorney

Frank was a prosperous lawyers, who was hired by Hitler as his personal legal advisor. He was given the title of Governor-General of Poland, where he conducted his most horrific actions. He was placed in trial at Nuremberg and was hanged on October 16, 1946.


6. Adolf Eichman was a snake oil salesman

Before joining the Nazi part, Eichman was a traveling oil salesman and lost his job during the Depression. He orchestrated most of the deaths of the Hungarian Jewish community. He fled Budapest in 1948, since he was the most wanted Nazi war criminal. He was found by the Israeli intelligence in 1960 and was hanged in 1962.


7. Joachim Von Ribbentrop was a rich wine merchant

Von Ribbentrop used to import German wine to Canada before going back to Germany for entering the WWI. After that, he married the daughter of a wealthy wine producer and continued his marketing career. He joined the Nazi party in 1928, but was not liked by many other members of the party. Finally, he was hanged for his actions in 1946.


8. Martin Bormann was an agricultural worker, estate manager and convicted felon

Bormann worked in a mill for a while until he found a job as an estate manager. He was a known anti-semite and spent a year in prison after he killed an informer. After huge efforts, he became Hitler’s secretary and was the executor of his will. It is believed that he was killed in a breakout attempt from Hitler’s bunker.


It is now clear that racism and the ability to torture and kill people has many and different sources. People can be highly educated and work in a respected job and still have murderous instincts and hatred for people who are different from them.


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