The Perfect Eye Makeup Based on the Shape of Your Eyes

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Many women think that they know perfectly how to put makeup around their eyes, until someone tells them that they are doing it all wrong. It’s not a shame to not know the best way to apply your makeup, but it is a shame to not be informed on the matter. It’s also a shame to put on makeup every single day and doing it the wrong way.


Start by asking a professional makeup artist to tell you what’s best for your own eye shape.


When you find your shape, find the most appropriate makeup styles that will make your eyes pop.


Realizing how wide your eyes’ set are is a crucial part.


Here’s how you can understand the design of hooded eyes.


You must know what you shouldn’t do in order to know what you should do.


Asian eyes love a good smokey look.

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Deep set eyes need more simplicity than extravagant makeup.

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If you follow these rules the results will never disappoint you.


Eye makeup tips for the perfect eye makeup.

Never stop searching for tips that will make everything on your face look and feel much better. There are so many things that we don’t know how to perform the right way.


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