The Secret Information We’ve Learned about Princess Diana from Her Butler


Princess Diana is and will always remain as one of the most loved royals in the world and the mystery of her death will keep raising eyebrows and creating speculation. During her royal life, there were only a few people next to her knowing all her secrets regarding her relationship with Charles and various other personal matters. One of those people was her butler, Paul Burrell, who spent many years next to Diana and became good friends with her. However, he didn’t hesitate to reveal many information about Diana’s life after her passing and here are some of the most surprising facts that we learned.


1. She had an eating disorder, which he enabled

Diana revealed herself in an interview that she developed bulimia when her marriage started going South. Burrell revealed that he would keep stocks of supplies for Diana to consume as well as a stack of towels for her to use.


2. She was afraid that Charles would have her killed in a car accident

Diana supposedly wrote a letter to Burrell a little while before her death where she revealed her fears that Charles was planning to cause a car accident to kill her in order to marry their nanny.


3. After Harry was born, Charles told her that ”his work was done”.

When Prince Harry was born, Charles said that ”his work was done” as far as having kids. They had already provided two candidates for the throne. After he said this phrase to Diana, he also added that ”he was off to the theatre with Camilla”.


4. Diana’s mother criticised her heavily on her choice of men

Burrell claims that Diana invited him to listen to her phone call with her mother and once he heard the latter calling Diana a ‘whore’ for dating men of the Muslim faith. He says that she was a huge racist and often went of rants.

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5. William told Diana that he would give her back her royal title.

When Diana divorced with Charles, she lost her royal title and she would have to curtsy to the royal family including her sons. That upset her and William told her that ”he would give it back to her when he was King”.


6. She begged Hasnat Khan to marry her

Burrell claims that Khan was Diana’s big love and she was using Dodi Fayed to make him jealous. An official police document said that Diana called Khan her ‘soulmate’ and that she ‘begged’ him to marry her.

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7. She was giving money to female sex workers

Diana used to drive around with Burrell in order to find sex workers and give away money. She would give up to 50 pounds to each girl and would often buy them clothes.


8. Before her car crash she was planning to move to Malibu

Diana wanted a change in her life and she planned to live between London and Malibu, where she thought she would face less judgment.


Unfortunately, Diana never managed to leave London and fell victim to a well-organized ‘accident’ that will never be fully explained because the truth has been well-paid.


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