The Strangest Places on Earth That Would Be a Dream Come True to Visit


There are so many places around the world that are not known for some beautiful landscape they have, but for their unique morphology. These places can mostly be found in non-traditional traveling destinations that not the vast majority of the world’s population visits in their lifetime. You can call them weird, but the truth is that you won’t find their unique morphology anywhere else in the world and making an effort to visit them will surely be rewarding and worth the money and time.


1. Puerto Mosquito in Puerto Rico


Bioluminescent plankton is the reason why the water at this place glows in the dark. The small island was hurt a lot by Hurricane Maria in 2017, but slowly the water is starting to automatically treat itself.

2. Lake Hillier in Australia


Scientists believe that the lake’s pink color comes from a specific algae, which has not been yet recognized. While it is safe to swim in the lake with no ill effects, local authorities forbid it.


3. Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland


The naturally formed bay is made of 40,000 hexagon-shaped columns made out of basalt and it’s a true wonder that thousands of people visit yearly.

4. Spotted Lake in Canada


The lake can be found in British Columbia and it got its name from its polka dot shapes. Each summer the water evaporates and leaves these round shapes. Also, the lake’s water is salty, which may be part of the reasoning behind its shape.


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