The Strangest Places on Earth That Would Be a Dream Come True to Visit

5. Blue Lagoon in Iceland


Iceland is a freezing country, but this specific spot invites people to get away from that and get warm. Blue Lagoon is a geothermal hotspot that keeps a temperature of 100oC all around the year.


6. Tianzi Mountains in China


These massive pillars in Tianzi Mountains in Hunan province is the only evidence that once an ocean used to flow in between. Travelers take a cable car to move in between peaks.

7. Dead Sea in Israel

YouTube | Pietro Pecco

This amazing place is the lowest place in the world and it gathers massive amounts of sediments like shale, clay, sandstone, rock salt, and gypsum. It also has many hard chemicals, which make it impossible for any living being to survive.


8. Aoshima Island in Japan


This island is mostly inhabited by cats, who were once brought to the island to stop the increase of mice. Their population has boomed and travelers from all places of the planet come to visit this feline-dedicated island.

Discovering places that can be found nowhere else in the world is something worth spending your time and money. Unique spectacles deserve your attention more than common traveling destinations.

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