The Things That You Secretly Hate About Clubs

5. The restrooms


You can’t possibly go to the bathroom, since the lady’s has an endless line and the men’s is the dirtiest place you’ve ever seen.


6. Stealing


Personally, I don’t carry a wallet when I go at the club. I carry my money in my pocket and if I don’t have a pocket I keep them in my coat.

7. The smoking


God, that’s the most criminal thing of them all. Okay, it’s a club, people will smoke, but couldn’t you have a good aeration system?


8. Dancing uncontrollably


I love Gaga more than anyone, but I will try to control my arms when her songs play. How many times have you been hit by an elbow?

For me, a club should be a place where you go to dance and have fun and don’t have to worry about losing your voice or getting robbed and being hit by various elbows. This is not the kind of fun that Iike to have.


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