The Truth Behind Perfect Online Photos That Get Thousands of Likes

YouTube | BiKip SongAo

It’s not the first time you hear how people lie through their social media accounts. You might be one of those who like to create an illusional life completely different from the one you’re really living. The reason why many people do that, is because they see how ‘perfect’ the lives of other people are, or to be more accurate look, and they feel like theirs is too boring to show to their online friends. So, instead of actually improving their lives and taking a turn that they wish they had taken a long time ago, they create a fake life and fake activities so that they become more likeable.



YouTube | BiKip SongAo

That couldn’t pass as beach sand even in a million years.


YouTube | BiKip SongAo

He’s not as cool now.



YouTube | BiKip SongAo

Couple or not, you are lame people.


YouTube | BiKip SongAo

He probably entered the gym just to take the picture and then left.




Wait, where’s the bike?


Pinterest | Karen Tru

Everyone could look like badass with miniature bottles.




Even animals have to lie sometimes

The truth behind social media’s perfection


If you are a social media addict, my advice would be to simply erase your Instagram and start investing that time you spent there in your life and find ways to make it better and satisfactory. If your life satisfied you, you wouldn’t feel the need to create a fake one on Instagram.

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