The Turbulent and Noisy Life of Punk Icon Sid Vicious


The world of show business is full of examples of people who died too soon, before managing to achieve the level that they were destined to reach. Sid Vicious‘ career as a bass player for The Sex Pistols lasted only 2 years, in which most of the attention he got was for his turbulent life. He was hired by the band to replace the bass player even though he didn’t know how to play the instrument. He became addicted to heroin early in his life and after meeting his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, the problem only became worse, since the two dived into a life of codependent drug use. However, Sid’s life wasn’t destroyed only because he entered the punk music scene. It was destined to go that way from very early.


1. His mom gave him heroin as a gift

Vicious’ mother was a hardcore addict and she used to deal heroin. Once, she used her toddler’s pants to hide heroin and bring it from Spain to England. She even gave him a heroin bag as a gift, something that Sid took as a positive thing, since heroin helped him relax.


2. He had suicidal thoughts from early on in his life

A counsellor at the college for for difficult and expelled kids that Sid attended decided to spend some time with him and talk about his suicidal thoughts. It was evident from very early in his age that his life was too heavy for him to bear.


3. He never managed to learn how to play the bass

Vicious was hired by The Sex Pistols for his spiky hair and wild attitude despite the fact that he didn’t know how to play the bass. At the band’s first and only album there was a different musician who played the bass.


4. He shot speed mixed with toilet water

One night, Sid went to party with Dee Dee Ramone, who brought with him a lot of speed. When they went in the bathroom, everything was covered in puke. Sid took out his syringe, filled it with speed and then dipped it in the puke water of the toilet and shot his arm. Even Dee Dee, a known drug addict, was shocked by Sid’s move.

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5. He defecated in a groupie’s mouth while her boyfriend was watching

While performing at a Sex Pistols concert, a man approached Vicious and asked him to have sex with his girlfriend and give her an experience she’d never forget. After Sid completed the deed, he told a friend that it ended with him pooping in the girl’s mouth.

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6. He was a friend of self-mutilation

Once a cowboy invited Sid to eat breakfast at his table and challenged him to put his cigarette out on his arm. Sid played along and then took a knife and cut himself, letting the blood drip in his plate, which he later ate without cleaning.

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7. He woke up and found a trail of blood leading to Nancy Spungen’s dead body

Nancy Spunged bled to death after being stabbed once in the abdomen. Police couldn’t determine who did it, since the night before many drug dealers had been in and out of the couple’s hotel room. However, Sid was arrested, but later on released on bail.


8. His mother brought him the heroin that he shot the day he died of overdose

The day he was released from prison on bail, his mother threw a big party and provided Sid with heroin. On that night, Sid overdosed and died in his mother’s house bathroom.

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Sid Vicious was a troubled soul from the beginning of his life and there was no way that he could make in in the world he entered and the people that he was surrounded by.


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