The Twinkling Tunnel of Lights in Japan Gathers Thousands of Visitors Yearly


Japan is famous for quite a few things, including its spring cherry blossoms that make the streets look like they popped out of a fairytale. Right after that, the Nabana no Sato flower park is a sighting that also offers unique experiences with its illuminated tunnels and various other light arrangements. The project takes place from mid-October to early-May and attract thousands of visitors from all over the country. The sightings are so breathtaking that visitors might take a lot of time until they exit the tunnels, since all of them will stop to take several pictures.

There are trails of light in the surrounding landscape, all leading to the two illuminated tunnels.


Each tunnel is lighted to highlight the seasonal foliage.

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The Kawazu Sakura tunnel with its pink lights mimic the growth of cherry blossoms.


The cherry blossom tunnel is 100-meter long, while the other one is 200-meters long.


The second tunnel mimics the fall foliage.


The park also features various other lighting arrangements.


2018 was dedicated to celebrating Kumamoto, which is a prefecture is South Japan and was rocked by an earthquake back in 2016.


The view is amazing!


The Nabana no Sato yearly event is a spectacular light show that attracts thousands of visitors from all around Japan and lasts for 6 months. Woud you ever consider of visiting Japan just for this event?

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