The Valley of Butterflies in Rhodes, Greece


There is nothing more romantic than setting foot on a valley that is occupied by thousands of beautiful butterflies. It is true that butterflies as becoming a rare phenomenon as years go by due to various factors. Paving, pesticides and extreme heat are a few of the reasons that butterflies start disappearing from city centers, giving the flying creatures no space to survive.  Fortunately, there are still a few places around the world that offer accommodation to butterflies, with one being the Valley of Butterflies in the island of Rhodes in Greece.




The Jersey Tiger Moth is the Rhodes subspecies of butterflies that occupy the island and especially this valley.



During the rain period, butterflies live in the caterpillar stage in cocoons feeding on foliage.




When rain is over, the butterflies fly out of the cocoons and as the dry period is close they migrate in an effort to find humidity.



The females fly many kilometers away from the Valley to lay their eggs in dark and safer places and after they complete their job they die.




The reason that thousands of these butterflies are drawn to the valley is heat and the smell of gum trees.



The increased visitors at the valley disturb butterflies and make them fly away of their resting place, which is destructing for them.




Since butterflies live off the fat of their bodies, disturbance makes them fly and spend all of their energy before achieving reproduction.



Because of that, visitors are advised to be very careful of their movements and not cause big disturbance with loud noises.

Sometimes us humans act so selfish that we only care about what’s nice for us and not good for the environment. Butterflies have found a safe place to live, but our urge to see them and take photographs of them has scared them and made their population decrease.


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