The Worst Movies In Cinematic History That You Should Watch

5. Battlefield Earth (2000) was described as ‘cretinous’.


All the critics agreed that it was absolutely terrible.


6. Batman and Robin (1997) was so terrible that director Joel Schumacher apologized for it. 


Not even George Clooney could save the disappointment. 

7. The Sharknado series may be too awful to take it seriously. 


It is clearly the worst series of films that have been released in recent history.


8. Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966) was a creation of one man and only, with amateur actors and crew, who didn’t know one thing about what they were doing.

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The list with bad movies can go on for hundreds of pages, but these there the top 8 that have been unanimously voted by critics and cinema lovers as the worst of all time. If you want my advice, take some time and watch some of them. You will then understand what makes a film good.

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