The 12 Worst Photoshop Mistakes That Still Haunt Us


Sometimes photographers, and especially photoshop specialists, get carried away. But, as long as they realize it on time, it’s fine. In an effort to reach the best possible result, sometimes they overdo it and erase things that they probably shouldn’t. Most humans have two legs? Too bad, I erased one! If you think I am being too dramatic, just check out the most terrible and -dare I say- hilarious mistakes that have ever been made in photoshop.

1. Well, that’s just racist

Two different companies, the first Microsoft in the U.S and the second in Poland, use the same picture for their campaigns, but with a major difference.

2. Forgot something?

Let’s say that the photoshop editor forgot to erase what was left of the handbag. Nobody else checked the photo before it got published? I mean it’s the Victoria’s Secret!


3. The one legged model

Such a successful model like Doutzen Kroes would have never imagined that someone at some point would be so unsatisfied with her leg and erase it from a photo.

4. The giraffe model

And you thought the only the Kayan people had such long necks. Well the above picture shows that when you advertise accesories you have to know all the tricks to achieve the best result possible…

Facebook | CHANEL

5. Something doesn’t look right

I hope everyone can notice that her body above her arm is thinner than her body below the arm. I guess she was just too fat… poor girl…

6. What’s wrong with an extra hand?

There must have been a time in your life that you were so busy that your two hands just weren’t enough. Maybe if you had a third one your life would be magically much better.


7. This is creepy

This reminds me of all break up photos. You cut them in the middle, but still a hand is stuck on the other side.

8. The model with the bear claw

When I first started on photoshop these were the kind of results that I had when I just couldn’t put a stop to editing. Learn the limits people!


9. The missing arm

Whitney Houston gets to have an extra hand and this model gets her second chopped off right from the roots. This is so unfair.

10. Photoshop overloaded.

We are pretty sure that Kris Jenner was the one responsible for this result that screams “fake”.


11. Kate Walsh is that you?

Well, it is her from the waist up. From the waist down we really don’t know who it is.

12. That’s a great pizza you’re holding there.


Some of them are extremely weird and you can’t help but think “What were they thinking’’? But others are just offending and sexist. Why make an already thin woman look anorexic? And why replace a black guy with a white one? Is it bad image? Well maybe we should start looking less at the image and considering more the humane factor.