The Worst Types of People You Can Meet on a Plane


Flying on a plane is no different than riding the bus. In both cases you meet and are surrounded by people who can either gross you out or annoy you. The worst part about planes, is that you have to stay close to these people no matter what, until you arrive at your destination. We’ve all been seated next to someone who smelled weird or near somebody who wouldn’t shut their mouth or even in front of someone who kicked our seat all the time. Which are the rest of the annoying characters you can find on a plane?


1. Stinky people

There should be a rule about stinky people. I know it’s called ‘personal’ hygiene, but once you get out of your house it becomes ‘public’ hygiene.


2. The kicker

It will either be an uncontrollable kid or a guy that thinks that he is too much of a man to control his long legs.


3. The seat recliner

It’s this person who will recline their seat without asking first if that is possible. What if I had my laptop or a cup of coffee on my seat table you idiot?


4. The gass passer

Yep, that’s a thing. I guess it’s not as usual as the rest, but that’s probably for the best.


5. The noisy one

It usually is a kid whose parents don’t know how to control or a guy who just won’t stop talking even after 3 hours of flying.


6. The selfish one

The overhead compartment is for putting our bags, not our purses and coats. Don’t be selfish and put the last two under your seat like a normal person.


7. The sick one

I know that you can’t help it, but it is very uncomfortable for everyone else. The best you can do is put a surgical mask on to keep your germs from spreading.


8. The chatty one

It’s this person who won’t stop talking to you even if you ignore them. The most polite thing to do is kindly ask this person to stop talking to you.


Another super annoying person that you most definitely will see on a plane is the one that will grab the front seat if they want to get up. I now realize that I’ve done it myself a few times and I apologize dearly for it.


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