These Are The Most Popular Highlighter Trends That You Definitely Hesitate On Trying!

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Makeup trends are what most women crave for. Seriously, when something – a new product or a new technique of using a product- comeσ up, everyone is giving it a try. Highlighter, though, had people going crazy; its shinning abilities and they way it matches with everything made women realise how important it is. However, beauty bloggers have started a few… weird highlighter trends you are to hesitant to follow them. Why? See the following pictures.

1. Thermal highlighter.

Girl, I know it looks stunning, but who would walk around like this? This is suitable for photoshoots or Halloween. Not for everyday looks.


2. Mermaid highlighter look.

I am sure you have noticed this look, where you put  fishnet tight on your head to crate this.


3. Rainbow highlighter.

I know this is a major trend but a lot of people wouldn’t dare to go to work or school looking like this.


4. Black highlighter.

No offence, but it looks like someone punched her.


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