These Great Actors Have Never Won an Oscar for Acting (Yet)

5. Michelle Williams


I have promised myself that when the time comes and Michelle wins an Oscar I will buy an expensive bottle of champagne and drink it all on my own.


6. Edward Norton


Another actor that should have been nominated more than three times and should have won at lest one Oscar.

7. Samuel L. Jackson


I guess the reason Samuel L. Jackson hasn’t won an Oscar yet isn’t because the Academy ignores him, but because he doesn’t make the best choices when it comes to picking scripts. The same goes for Will Smith.


8. Don Cheadle:

Don Cheadle is a wonderful actor, who doesn’t seem to really care about winning an Oscar. His choices in film, Television and even music videos prove that he only cares about doing things he really feels.

The Academy does not always choose the winners based on the talent. Sometimes they decide based on who they like the most and who likes them the most. What I would say it that the Academy Awards, yes, they are very important, but they don’t necessarily prove the worth of an artist. A movie or an actor won’t be remembered because they won an Oscar, but because they’ve left their mark in cinematic history.


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