These Hacks Will Make Every Woman’s Life Much Easier!

Front image by | musely

A woman’s life is very stressful and full of unexpected events that can ruin her day. For example, don’t you just hate it when your period comes unexpectedly and you are not fully prepared for it? Or when you are having a bad skin day not even make up can fix. Don’t worry though! These are normal facts everyone has to face. But we all need a little help, don’t we? 

1. Lemon and honey mask to remove blackheads in a natural way. 


2. Eye pencil and lip balm.

Eye pencils are quite hard sometimes. What you can do about it, is dip the the hard lead of the pencil into a lip balm to make it softer.


3. Smokey eyes.

In order to achieve the perfect smokey effect then draw a hashtag of your eyes and blend it out with a brush.


4. Deodorant as a massager.

An empty deodrant bottle is the best massager for your face. Just drop a few drops of oil on your face and spread it with a roll-on ball.


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