These Photos Prove That Heterochromia Is The Most Beautiful Mutation!


The eyes are the windows to the soul. For many people, the eyes are also the best part of someone’s body and the color of them palys a vital role in this. Many people have green, black, blue etc eyes, but some other have both. What do I mean by that? Have you even heard of heterochromia iridum? It has to do with an abnormality of the iris, that is the colored part of the eye, which has different colors in each eye. 


1. Of course this is a rare mutation but it can be trully magnificent. 

Instagram | brsck_

Especially if we are talking about these colours.

2. The combination of green and hazel colored eyes is quite impressive. 

Instagram | patyka01

It’s just out of this world.


3. Heterochromia is not always on both eyes. It can also look like this.


This is called partial heterochromia.

4. It can also appear on animals. 

Instagram | koda_catahoulamutt

And it looks equally beautiful.


5. Such a beautiful picture. 

Instagram | nuevavisioncop

They really are rare beauties.

6. Look how pretty this cat looks. 

Instagram | adesyukmap

I really adore this little cutie!


7. Here is a cat with partial heterochromia. 


Simply unique.

8. This puppy has partial heterochromia in both eyes. 


Heterochromia is something people will definitely notice about your eyes and I am not saying it in a negative way. As you can see, this is a very special a unique feature very little people have.


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