These Terrifying Pokemon Designs Will Give You Nightmares!

Front image by | davidszilagyiart

Who hadn’t watched – even one episode- of pokemon in their childhood? I bet pretty much everyone loved this amazing anime, that was also brought to us through ”Pokemon Go” game. When you here about it, the first things that come to your mind are definitely the lovely and cute creatures with exeptional superpowers. David Szilagyi, who used to be a concept artist for the video game industries, decided to red rid of that innocent look and gave them a more terrifying one. 

1. Gengar. 

Instagram | davidszilagyiart

2. Cloyster.

Jesus Christ! This looks quite surreal.

Instagram | davidszilagyiart

3. Ivysaur.

Instagram | davidszilagyiart

4. Grimer. 

Instagram | davidszilagyiart

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