Things That Should Be Considered Normal Everywhere in the World And Not Just in France


As a European citizen myself I don’t understand why the Americans have such hatred towards French people and why they make fun of them in any given opportunity. I recently read this article in Telegraph stating all the reasons an American might hate a French person for and I was honestly left speechless. If you ask me, the French have some very useful and smart trules that should be transferred in every other country in the world.


1. Closed on Sundays


Yes, everyone deserves a day off and Sunday is that day for French people who own businesses. This rule does not apply for coffee shops and restaurants.

2. Roundabouts


This might seem weird to some of you, but it is a smart way to reduce traffic, since you don’t have traffic lights stopping the cars every minute or two.


3. Way of greeting


In many European countries people greet by kissing each other on both cheeks. If that seems weird to you, just wait until you visit Sweden, where they kiss three times.

4. Speed bumps


If you want the cars in your roads to drive on the speed limit you can’t count on them following the rules. Speed bumps will prevent them from increasing speed.


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