Things That Show What Female Friendship Is All About

Twitter | sofiexorstadius

What do you believe about female friendship? If you ask me, I will say that women create the closest, most intimate relationships that are only one step under a romantic relationship. A true friendship between women will have its good and bad days. Judgement is something that won’t be absent, but love and affection will always make the bad days look insignificant. Women will make huge sacrifices in order to maintain their friendship and will give attention to the smallest problem or unusual behavior that their friend will show. That’s why they will fight often, but their union will become stronger later.


1. The lighting crew

Twitter | jaanemao

This girl’s friends helped her take a perfectly lighted photo by playing the parts of a lighting crew.

2. Nail salon appointments

Twitter | xelacastle

Two best friends will go at the nail salon together…even if they are apart.


3. Shaving time

Twitter | shelbyfarmerr_

I have never done that for a friend of mine, but I guess you could if it felt right.

4. Zipping partners

Twitter | HannahMendez16

Who is going to be the first person you will ask to zip up your dress if your mom isn’t at home? The answer is quite obvious.


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